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 Welcome to XMystery

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Welcome to XMystery Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to XMystery   Welcome to XMystery Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 12:41 pm

Hello people and welcome to X-Mystery this is a site for discussion and sharing of important information, please do not commit racism, or hate crimes here. Please feel free to post an opinion, a thought, or to share whatever you feel like. If you wish to contact me feel free to PM me or email me at xmystery@live.com For all members there will be little to no ads. For Guest posters you can use any user name you'd like except for a registered user name. If you have any trouble with the site feel free to contact me.
I would like to add that i cannot be held resonsible for anything that someone else may post here. Enjoy your stay and i hope to hear from you, Yours truly X.
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Welcome to XMystery
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