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 Dna Crime stopping

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PostSubject: Dna Crime stopping   Dna Crime stopping Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2012 8:25 am

so this new anti crime technology seems cool and all but i have already noted how this can disrupt and if not further destroy the justice process.

" Brown explained to CTV's Canada AM earlier this week.

"At that point, police can take a swab, send it to us to be forensically analyzed and link him to the crime scene."

Each spray canister contains a unique synthetic DNA signature, so police can connect the criminal to a particular crime scene."

So this means that police are now supposed to start sending off pieces of evidence to a private security firm in order to prosecute a case. What happened to the chain of custody of evidence, i mean now its okay for the private sector to interfere with the court system. it wasn't good enough for them to build private prions, and lobby to make almost everything illegal, but now they want to make sure that the people they want end up in jail for sure.

So long democracy. it was nice to know you.
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Dna Crime stopping
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