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 The new Penology

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The new Penology  Empty
PostSubject: The new Penology    The new Penology  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 8:40 am

It seems the american ideal of the new penology has seeped into the United kingdom.

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"We're locking them up not for what they've done, [but] for what they might do in the future". A high court judge (interviewed anonymously) agrees. "There isn't a single one of the 3,500 prisoners who are in prison as a punishment. They've done the time, but are still trapped in the system."

i wasn't aware that we lived in the age of minority report. Private prison systems, illegal detainment of prisoners and intervention by private institutions. I mean how much more fascist can society get. And what i don't understand is how people remain so ignorant of these facts. And as these organizations have already infiltrated Great britan and American it seems the now have they're eyes set on canada

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feel free to let the words take you away.
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The new Penology
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