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PostSubject: Democracy   Democracy Icon_minitimeThu Sep 20, 2012 1:03 am

Democracy is a system of government.

But to say our society is based on a demoracy

is to give "democracy" alll the credit

and to disregard questions of who is really running the show...

DEMOCRACY, which is a system of government by which citizens "have the power" by voting in their elected officials through regular, free and fair elections.

but DEMOCRACY, doesn't keep us alive.

Food and resources do.

And how do we get that?

The answer is obvious, and which is why DEMOCRACY is just the fancy name for the real system of government running the show.


What is capitalism?

Capitalism is based on the idea of the free-market.

Basically, the government is telling us "we're not gonna step in on your show. You guys make money in the free-market however you chose to do it. Pick your craft, your art, your skill, and make money"

SO in summary, the free market, or CAPITALISM, can be summarized as such.

A big open race where everyone, regardless of color, race, ethnicity, or gender, is welcome to run.

There is a hugeeeee pot of gold and everyone has an equal shot at it.


this is how I see it.

Therer is a big open race

we're all allowed to run

but when we finally get to the starting point (when we're born)

there's a bunch of blockades made

and damms

and walls made by other racers who got there first

and you gotta follow their rules

if you wanna get some of that gold...

The analogy is not too far from the real thing.

The pot of gold is the earth's gold.

The running track is the earth

the racers are us.

Who decided that MONEY should rule everything? these coins and thin rippable slips of paper?

the people who got here first
and built those walls and damms which we call society.

and we gotta play by their rules.

The big players have the money

you can get a bit of it if you work your ass off at the player's club

but if a big player didn't bring you into the player's club (in real life - a rich parent)

you're out on the street bud.

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