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 Dont be an Idiot!

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PostSubject: Dont be an Idiot!   Dont be an Idiot! Icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2012 10:24 am

Idiot as a word derived from the Greek ἰδιώτης, idiōtēs ("person lacking professional skill", "a private citizen", "individual"), from ἴδιος, idios ("private", "one's own").[1] In Latin the word idiota ("ordinary person, layman") preceded the Late Latin meaning "uneducated or ignorant person."[2] Its modern meaning and form dates back to Middle English around the year 1300, from the Old French idiote ("uneducated or ignorant person"). The related word idiocy dates to 1487 and may have been analogously modeled on the words prophet[3] and prophecy.[4][5] The word has cognates in many other languages.
An idiot in Athenian democracy was someone who was characterized by self-centeredness and concerned almost exclusively with private—as opposed to public—affairs.[6] Idiocy was the natural state of ignorance into which all persons were born and its opposite, citizenship, was effected through formalized education.

Time and time again throughout history this word shares similar meaning. So many people now would be considered an idiot in these terms. They are willfully ignorant to facts of reality ignoring all the political and economic injustices occurring on a daily basis. It seems that so many people are paying money for schools but are coming out idiots! its because we choose to be will fully blind because ignorance is bliss, but you can live in blissville forever, someday everyone will wake up and realize what the world has come too.

Dont be an idiot

Dont be an Idiot! 13199410

feel free to let the words take you away.
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kat rich

kat rich

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PostSubject: Re: Dont be an Idiot!   Dont be an Idiot! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2012 2:03 pm

i choose surrealism because everyone knows giraffes are boss animals and harmonicas are dope.

am i an idiot?
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Dont be an Idiot!
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