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 creativity a mental illness

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PostSubject: creativity a mental illness   creativity a mental illness Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2012 4:11 pm


So i just reviewed this article, and i am not surprised at what is being stated. So apparently those creative individuals (writers, musicians, photographers, etc) are more likely to suffer from mental illness. And First of all the first thing you learn in psychology, sociology, and i'm sure even medicine, is that correlation does not equal causation. I think its sad to see the misrepresentation of information like this. Did no one possibly think that these numbers may mean an opposite correlation. Maybe these people turn to creative outputs as a means of dealing with their troubles in an other wise hindering world. Or even that maybe the view of the world these creative people have is a more realistic perception of reality. And we in turn perceive them as troubled, or depressed or out of touch with reality. But maybe its everyone else who is really out of touch with reality. Living in cyber worlds, moving so fast that time actually feels like its moving faster. But this is not a discussion of existentialism, maybe i am wrong, maybe im just another troubled mind in an otherwise bleak world. Just a thought.

feel free to let the words take you away.
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creativity a mental illness
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