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 American Elections

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PostSubject: American Elections    American Elections  Icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2012 4:03 pm

So lately my searches for breaking news and political media and intellectual discoveries have been coming short. The only thing I am able to find with out turning to the backpages of various news sources is information of the american election. Just a month ago, all we would hear about in the papers, radio and on tv, was syria this, or iran that, or iraq this, and now all of a sudden a democratic shift in government is more important that all of these other global issues? I mean god dammit why should the people in the UK care what happens in america, Why are the BBC headlines all regarding american politics. Even the Canadian outlets are reporting the same things. Im tired of hearing about what going to happen in america, its not like the election is going to change anything anyways.

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PostSubject: Re: American Elections    American Elections  Icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2012 3:28 pm

I think it's because the election matters more to people living in the western hemisphere than whatever is going on in the East.

The West is arguably the most ethnocentric society on Earth. What happens elsewhere seems to have very little bearing on the individual lives of those living in the Americas. The viewership tends to not feel any immediate threat to their individual lives from uprisings, genocides and civil wars in the Eastern hemisphere (excluding academics and those with moral concerns). Therefore, genocides and civil wars are reduced to numerical death counts.

But elections are a spectacle for the average American (especially for the one not politically informed enough to understand Middle Eastern politics, not to mention the media's discriminatory portrayal of it). They eat that shit up. It's something to talk about at the water cooler... It's something to "have an opinion on"... It's a reason to become the orator at the party and sound informed.

Understanding politics in its entirety (if even possible) is way outta the way for the average 9-5 American, and if they aren't readers in their profession, the chances of them adequately informing themselves are even slimmer.

For if they're not doing their own reading, their knowledge of "politics" is coming strictly from the news and from word of mouth... In that case, they become a PRODUCT of politics.

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American Elections
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