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 How do the algorithms rule your life

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How do the algorithms rule your life Empty
PostSubject: How do the algorithms rule your life   How do the algorithms rule your life Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 1:16 pm

Ever notice the increasing number of relevant to your interest ads displayed across your browser? I did, and at first i was like what the hell, who cares; let the money try and take my money. But now i've noticed an ever growing trend of information control from the highest levels of the internet. Its all math baby, algorithms designed by the most brilliant minds in order to customize your internet experience to make it perfect for you. On the out side this might seem harmless, but when google starts to control what information i receive and it is different that yours, i think that is a problem. I mean how can it possibly be free movement of information if something is hand picking select information for me to click on. And now as sad as it is, google acts as a primary source for information transportation and they should have an ethical responsibility in ensuring the unbiased presentation of all information despite potential un approval. And even on your facebook timeline, what get shown first is now chosen by algorithms, time decay, edge and popularity. This means that facebook chooses what your gonna see first, or even if you are going to see something at all.

So basically We live our cyber lives inside filter bubbles that we have no control over. The internet was a place for freedom, freedom of speech, movement and information. It was a cyberspace we created ourselves, but this is no longer case, those internet giants rule your cyber world, just as the corporate giants rule your home world.

feel free to let the words take you away.
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How do the algorithms rule your life Empty
PostSubject: Re: How do the algorithms rule your life   How do the algorithms rule your life Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 8:01 pm

this actually poses a double standard....

On one end, the internet should be free of intervention and control. The internet should never be regulated or censored.

So, on the one hand, people can argue that these algorithms are a form of censorship and filtering on its own that destroys the impartiality of the internet

On other hand, the choice of these websites to use algorithms to filter your search results is a choice that only affects users of that specific website, and does not cross borders to other websites. Thus, this decision is an independent decision and is also fundamental to the freedom of the internet. Restricting facebook, youtube or google to not using such algorithms would also contradict the principle of a free flowing internet.

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How do the algorithms rule your life
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