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 Pot; Still be weary of looming legal threats

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Pot; Still be weary of looming legal threats Empty
PostSubject: Pot; Still be weary of looming legal threats   Pot; Still be weary of looming legal threats Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 8:52 am


This came to my attention earlier today, it seems that all the media attention has overshadowed some of the implications initiative I-502 ( the marijuana bill). First of which im sure you should all be aware about is that this bill is not in place till the sixth of February. Secondly, if you posses a little bit over approximately and oz and a one half, you will more likely than not be facing a nickle in the pen, (five years in a federal penitentiary). Third, but of course not least; say goodbye to DUI, and bring on the DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) now drivers under the influence of cannabis can be charged if found with 5 ng (nano-gram) / ml (milliliter) THC blood content limit. Which is pretty much a zero tolerance policy (unless your bill clinton and you "dont inhale" be weary of the law still) And this i think is one of the more detrimental facets of the legislation, if your caught passing a joint in public it will get you a class c felony-which is equal to an indictable offense here in canada. Another problem yet to be discussed is proprietors, who will be distributors and producers becuase the general public is still unable to do both.

I know this bill seems all fine and dandy, but every coin has two sides.
Its not all bad though, few regions and im sure a ton of teenagers have felt some of the benefits, as some areas are beginning to dismiss some lower level possession cases

For further reading.


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Pot; Still be weary of looming legal threats
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