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 Good music?

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Good music? Empty
PostSubject: Good music?   Good music? Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2012 3:23 pm

People often ask me what kind of music do i listen to. And alot of the time i reply good music, and get a disapproving glance in return. But to me any music that i consider good is music i will listen to, be it rap, rock, ska,folk or even classical. A lot of the time after hearing this someone will ask well what do you mean by good music. To me music is good when it draws on all its elements to achieve its sound. But these elements will differ from genre to genre. Sometimes i listen for the lyrics, and deep musical content, other times like with classical, i look for melody and harmony to align. So I ask all you out there, what makes a song sound good to you?

feel free to let the words take you away.
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Good music? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Good music?   Good music? Icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2012 4:16 pm

man. its superfucking subjective. and I'm sick of people putting me in the box because I put on Lil Wayne when they're at my base.

Sure, i fucking love Lil Wayne.

A) that doesn't mean I like ALLLLLL his songs, so stfu with trying to prove that he's waste

B) that doesnt mean im a wannabe gangster, or that All i listen to his hip-hop, or that I'm a misogynist

C) that doesn't mean i dont listen to other shit... I love my punk bands, but I have an insane inexpressible love for reggae. When I'm driving, I often put on 91.1 Jazz FM cuz that shit is bumpin.

Moral of the story is, there is no GOOD music. There is INTRICATE music, there is TALENTED music, there is SOULFUL music, there is SKILLFUL music...

The list goes on, and I feel like people use GOOD music synonymously with any one of these adjectives.

The problem is, which adjective YOU interchange with GOOD MUSIC is totally up to you.

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Good music?
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