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 The Breakdown of Our Social Contract

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The Breakdown of Our Social Contract  Empty
PostSubject: The Breakdown of Our Social Contract    The Breakdown of Our Social Contract  Icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 1:46 pm

I feel that I cannot be the only person who has noticed this, but at the same time the fact that I have noticed it kind of suggests that I may be. I fail to understand what has happened to basic human courtesy. It seems to me that everywhere I go people are running into others with no concern, People cut each other off on the road with no regard for others safety and we live in a constant state of individual isolation.

The basic social contract that we as a society abide by is slowly breaking down and we seem to be entering what 19th century sociologist Émile Durkheim called a state of social anomie. Essentially what is happening is the basic foundations which hold our society together are falling apart. There is a clash of social norms between the two major groups that build up our society. The tradition conception of society remains alive in a growing elderly population which is in a state of constant conflict with the degenerative self entitled conceptions of society held by the gowning youth. It seems now that everyone feels entitled to everything, no longer does being successful or accomplished provide people with a sense of deserving, no now just being born and providing their presence to the world seem deserving of all that this world has to offer. People no longer feel the need to do anything in order to assume their superiority over their peers.

It just seems that people everywhere need to humbled. Read more talk less study 

feel free to let the words take you away.
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The Breakdown of Our Social Contract
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