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 Anti Pot paraphernalia laws Declared Unjust

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Anti Pot paraphernalia laws Declared Unjust Empty
PostSubject: Anti Pot paraphernalia laws Declared Unjust   Anti Pot paraphernalia laws Declared Unjust Icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 2:27 pm

In a Small Alberta town, St Albert, a municipal court has ruled it ultra vires for the city to ban head shops from selling smoking apparatus. This essentially means that it is outside the scope of the city's jurisdiction to enact such a law. Although this seems insignificant due to the outdated federal law regarding the sale of cannabis paraphernalia, this may be a crucial step on the path toward a green Canada. The courts in our country have more power than most people will believe and so if municipal authorities begin to strike these laws down it will give more legitimacy to fight we so desperately need to win. So basically what this means is that local support for pro cannabis business legislation will lead to a greater demand for provincial and federal legislation. The first step will always be the most difficult but when mass support begins to accumulate the government has no choice but to act on it.

feel free to let the words take you away.
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Anti Pot paraphernalia laws Declared Unjust
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