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 Absurd University Clinic Rules & Procedures

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Absurd University Clinic Rules & Procedures Empty
PostSubject: Absurd University Clinic Rules & Procedures   Absurd University Clinic Rules & Procedures Icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 6:44 pm

I visit the clinic once in a while, but it was my first time at the University Clinic.

I was scheduled for an appointment for 12:10pm, and I had a few things to see the doctor for. This retard shows up at 12:40pm, sees me for 10 minutes to check up on me knee. I had a few quick questions about my wrist as well, which I had sprained a few years ago and simply wanted to inquire about it. This dumbass proceeds to tell me "oh we can only see one body part at a time, since we need time to see other students as well."

Let me give you a piece of my mind Dr. Amin. If you showed up half an hour earlier as indicated on the appointment instead of jacking off to your faggot doctor friends, you would have time to see my other issues as well.

Dr. Amin, if you want to milk the Ontario health care system then go ahead. Don't waste my time you fucking faggot moron. I'm not coming back in two days to see you for 10 minutes when you could do it now. Eat a dick
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Absurd University Clinic Rules & Procedures
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