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 Kids for Cash- The Epitome of a Corrupt System

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Kids for Cash-  The Epitome of a Corrupt System  Empty
PostSubject: Kids for Cash- The Epitome of a Corrupt System    Kids for Cash-  The Epitome of a Corrupt System  Icon_minitimeMon Aug 05, 2013 8:31 am

For years, since their commencement in 1984 privatized prisons have been a topic of concern for citizens of all kinds, not just criminals.  For those unaware, privatized prisons are correctional facilities run for profit by a third party operator, operating under a contract signed with either state or federal officials. These programs, of state contracted operators, have been in place since the late 1800's and began with the transportation of prisoners on boats transporting various good. In all instances private government contractors arise due to a lack of federal funding and slowly they become pseudo-government agencies, some examples include Blackwater USA, the private mercenary army and Corrections Corporation of America which operates over 60 correctional institutions in america. The problems that arise from these situations are often economical in nature. One of the big issues with a privatized prison industry is that the very basis for these institutions becomes undermined and they become run for total profit. This in its self may seem trivial as we live in a capitalist society but when prisons systems become run for profit it opens the door for a myriad of human rights violations.  This brings me to an article i would like to share

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Now this article is just one example of the many injustices handed out due to a system based in profits.  This judge, at one point sentenced a 10 year old boy to two years in a detention center for mooning someone out a car window. Instances such as this are not isolated cases and slowly one at a time more and more seem to come into the public eye but are soon forgotten. People must recognize that these "criminals" are still children and when denied their fundamental human rights problems with only increase tenfold. Unjust incarceration is only the tip of the private iceberg.

feel free to let the words take you away.
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Kids for Cash- The Epitome of a Corrupt System
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