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 The Mystery

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PostSubject: The Mystery   The Mystery Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 1:11 pm

This Poem is the first in a series. Please leave an opinion and your interpretation of this poem

The Mystery
Have you ever stared the devil in the eyes?
But realized it’s the mirror, and you’re watching your self cry,
While your burning and dying just a little inside,
And now your know there’s no where to hide,

It’s a mystery, simply a puzzle,
But never such trouble,
Just piece this together and you’ll find your way out,
This hell makes you realize, that you can't even shout,

“WHY” you scream but only in head,
This can't be happening I cannot be dead
But really I promise ill tell you its true,
This hell was brought on but only by you,

This puzzle you find it’s all in the mind,
But you’ll never see, I'm making you blind,
And all that you’ll suffer is all that you brought,
Or maybe, it’s all just a thought?

But how will you know? Can you awake?
Could this be something your mind could fake?
Or maybe the poisons, is what fuck you much,
Maybe the poison you should never touch,

But what is a riddle? Is it all in your mind?
Maybe its something that you’ll never find,
Just look harder tell me what you see,
Nothing is there and that’s all it will be,

Maybe it’s you stuck in the reflection,
Or maybe its me stuck in your complexion,
But this devil they say, his eyes never lie,
But its all in the tears you have cried,

Maybe the stories, all came to fruition,
Or maybe its just sudden realization,
An epiphany told in the minds hidden eye,
Maybe you built this, and followed a lie,

Can't be reality its all in your head?
Can't be reality I cannot be dead,
Could it be something said and it stuck?
Or maybe it’s something, found and now struck,

But how will you know? I’ll never tell,
How will you find the secrets of hell?
Will you find the messages hidden time?
Or uncover messages buried in lime,

But there is a secret and ill never tell,
Maybe from the day that I tripped and fell,
Cast from the skies, to hold a new home,
A place that you will soon call your own,

This place can't be heard or even be seen,
Until you escape, the place in between,
But I see that you made it, I see you arrived,
I see your still breathing; does it mean you’re alive?

But if that is true, than why are you here?
Is this a place you built in your fear?
This question proposed how can you know?
The answer is hidden for no one to show,

So search I say, but wait you are blind,
But follow the trail there’s ones of all kind,
But which one to pick you can't even see?
Which one to pick, who shall it be?

The breadcrumbs, the candy or the yellow brick road,
Pick one I say but what have they showed?
No promise no fate,
What will await?

Demise, content, or maybe a way out,
But the path you pick will be followed by doubt,
Did you pick the wrong one lets better pray not,
Cause this is a journey you already fought,

Can you recall the outcome which came?
Can you recall if followed by fame?
But I’ll never tell but here is a clue,
Ill promise the answer, and maybe its you?

I hope that this helps on your journey so far,
Or maybe it didn’t and stuck at a par,
So let me know where the journey takes you,
Maybe ill follow and tell you it’s true.
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The Mystery
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