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 Better Days

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PostSubject: Better Days   Better Days Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 6:42 am

Better Days

You can't run through the world living so fast,
Gotta slow down or your lose the past,
Don’t lose your in the hunt for earning,
Don’t lose that dream that’s inside burning,

Even when everyone puts it aside,
Make sure your fire still burns inside,
And let your old devils come back to shell,
Don’t force it away left there to dwell,

If you died this moment would your soul smile on life,
Or would your fading memories leave bitter strive,
Would the heavens in your head have a bitter sweet end?
Or would the problems you had leave more problems to mend,

Would your heart still love the one of the flesh?
Or would it be elsewhere just caught in a mesh,
When the skies open up and you pass through the stars,
You’ll see there is more than fancy homes and cars,
You’ll that all your memories past,
Have come, but gone just as fast,

And the person you were no longer remains,
And all the blood that once ran through your veins,
No longer runs but slowly decays,
Just as your memories of better days.
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Better Days
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