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 Salvia Rant

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PostSubject: Salvia Rant   Salvia Rant Icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 12:25 am

everyday is the same
wake up
go to school
come home
fool around
go to sleep

so fuckin boring
makes me want to kill myself
to have the satisfactionn of knowing
if i pulled the trigger
ill end up somewhere else
a different timeline
a different person
leading a different life
a better life
an exciting life
world filled with great music
and great events
goin to a party where
no one pukes
everyone has fun
alterted state of mind
but a fun state of mind
people take care of themselves
not degrading or flaunting
there are meaningful hookups
not just some stupid drunken
disgusting fuckfest
there are no disputes
or fuckers that ruin everything
people dont feel compelled
to break shit
or ruin somebody's night
there aren't any pricks
or any judgmental fucks
or any fuckin clones
and im sick and tired of all these copies
roaming around
thinking they're big shit
listening to ignorant music
living their life with stupid values
but in the end
no matter how hard they try to act tough
they are nothing but scared insecure fuckers
that have to act and be
like everyone else
so they would feel accepted and wanted
while their true self screams and claws at the walls
that they have built around themselves
others are too brainwashed
a copy
of a copy
of a copy
they don't even realize
that it is not us who is fucked up
that it is them
at least the fucked up people they see
aren't afraid to hide it
while they stand back
with their gangster shit
and their gangster clothes
and all that gay gangster slang
that apparently somehow makes them cool
fuckin idiots
the only thing that shit proves
is how ignorant you can fuckin' be
i'm hot cuz im fly and you aint cuz you not
epitome of the fuckin evolution chart
goin backwards
bunch of fuckin people
reverting back to monkeys
and also all the nice people
how the fuck are some people so nice
they're fakers too
and again
they are all clones
copies of a copy
of a copy
of a copy
man is fundamentally flawed
everyone masturbates
everyone swears
everyone has had a impure thought about somebody
everyone is horny
everyone is stupid for sex
everyone secretly hatees someone
everyone secretly wants to fuckin' wreck something
to constantly lie to everyone around you
and to constantly
say things you dont mean
and beat around the fuckin bush
is disgusting
that is worse than all the mean
and the vile
because at lest they dont lie
they say what they mean
and they mean what they say
we are all fucking evil
and to deny that
is to deny the very essense of being
to being an actual person
not to say that
we are not capable
of doing nice things
but to be a nice person all the time
is just pure
its not rocket science
and you don't need a degree
to tell you that either
it is the whole fact that all the nice people
are just too brainwashed to actually do what they want to do
or say what they want to say
the religionists
ohh this generation of people
are all god fearing
white collar
clean cut as well
all this talk about god
and about how he controls all
these idiots actually believe
in that shit
it is okay to feel like shit
to know that tyou're a bad person
but to use a fuckin
god bandaid
to cover it up and to hide
behind your useless doctrines and books?
blessings upon the throne of tyrrany
pure cowardice
to reduce all human responsibility
to the simple saying that
god controls everything
and he has a plan
and that we are powerless?
to be able to kill your wife
and your only two children and then say
i have found god now
its okay, its okay
i say fuck that
there is no god
there is no plan
there is now
and how you choose to life your damn life
you dont need a shitty made up book to tell you that
nor do you need anyone else to
fuckin' life eh?
naive people all around you
with their fuckin gucci
their kanye west
you arent the fuckin brands you wear
or the music you listen to
you're not the fuckin job you have
or the pretty girl you are chopping
you're not how many girls you've made out with
and you're not how many drugs you've done
or how much alcohol you can drink
or if you can beat someone up
none of this shit makes you badass
and it certainly doesnt make you better than another person
fuck everyone in the world
and if god really fuckin' exists
why hasnt he drowned us fuckers yet?
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PostSubject: Re: Salvia Rant   Salvia Rant Icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 11:54 am

woah man thats pretty intense. did you have a salvia eppifphany and write this?
also kinda similiar thoughts

And when it had died,
It left nothing to inside
It left nothing to hide
The secrets exposed,
Everyone knows,
Everything shows,
All the places you’ve been,
All the People you’ve seen,
Every word that you never did mean
And nothing ever gets easier
Even after you all you tired,
After all you lied,
All you cried,
Has Died,
And now nothing is left,
Not even a breath,
Not even the beat,
Or the sound of you feet,
No where did it go?
Or something did grow,
It has taken you inside,
No where left to hide,
And swallow your pride,
Before there nothing left.
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PostSubject: Re: Salvia Rant   Salvia Rant Icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2012 5:49 am

wtf is salvia?
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PostSubject: Re: Salvia Rant   Salvia Rant Icon_minitime

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Salvia Rant
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