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 The faceless

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PostSubject: The faceless   The faceless Icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2009 9:00 pm

Post your thoughts on this. What do you think its about?

The Faceless

Faces, no features,
A song, yet no sound
Surrounding, controlling
Profoundness is bound

The melting pot’s boiling
Into something so GREAT
Years and years worth of toiling
Why’s it something to hate?

This woman is screaming, she’s out of control
At this picture that’s beaming out from that drab hole

The faceless despise her, she’s always alone
A weed amongst ‘flowers’, for her sins she’ll atone
She loathes every one, the money and fame
Those who trampled the arts and set music aflame

So she sinks into sadness, for what can one do
Where you lop off a head, there will always grow two
Thwarting wisdom of ages, killing mountains of thought
Emotions are scattered, all minds overwrought

Obsessions with objects
Fixation with fame
You reap what you sow
How will you play this game?

Will you side with the 'best'
And join all the rest
Be a shoop in the flock
Of sheep that don’t talk?

Or refuse to fall in to that horrible trap
Where minds turn to nothing
But a brain in gift wrap?

The choice remains there
Plain, all can see
Though few know it exists
There still it will be
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The faceless
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