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 My four walls

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My four walls Empty
PostSubject: My four walls   My four walls Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 9:11 pm

Just something i jotted down

My Four Walls

It started out just like a home,
But it soon left me so alone,
Began with bliss but wrapped inside,
Soon a secret, left to hide.

I found a home so grand pure,
I knew at first its mine for sure.
It filled me up with joy and bliss,
And company I’ll never miss,

Four walls alike and painted read,
And echoed voices in my head.
A mirror placed upon the wall,
Left my reflection standing tall.

I heard one say “a homes for good,
It’ll keep you safe at least it should.”
And keep the rain from falling in,
Even if committed sin.

I look outside and see them there,
But in my home I do not care.
For it is filled with loves affection,
My four walls provide protection,

I know inside, I'm still secure,
For all the season we’ll endure,
It’ll keep me safe and in return,
My house wont fall or break or burn,

For in this place there are no clocks,
You need for time nor keys not locks,
I wont return, I'm here to stay,
Till all my walls fall away.

A bed in place, where blankets warm,
For soon sweet love would come to swarm,
Where sweetest dreams dream don’t match the fact,
And plaster moulds still fill the cracks,

But soon a crack would break the mould,
Leaving room to unfold,
A story which once warmed my heart,
Soon unraveled, fell apart.
It turned a home in to a box,
Doors all broken; covered locks,
It turned my bliss to misery,
But left alone no company.

The mirrors which once showed my face,
Now laugh at me, and point disgrace.
They hide the face, I hold inside,
No more reason to abide.

If only I had seen the core,
And its true intention, I can't ignore.
I cannot leave I'm trapped within,
No matter how I try to sin.

I gaze outside through the cracks,
And see them there staring back,
People who still have a home,
Living, loving; not alone.

I don’t feel safe he anymore,
Filled with feeling, I can't ignore.
Just let me out so I can run;
Let me redo what can't be done.

I can turn the clocks; set them back,
Erase the footsteps I can't re-track
And maybe if I see it there,
I will not fall into despair.

As it began, it was my home,
And I have never, been so alone,
My utopia transformed inside,
Now a secret; I cannot hide.
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My four walls Empty
PostSubject: Re: My four walls   My four walls Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 9:18 pm

wow, i love the content, and the extended metaphor works amazingly. cuttos
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My four walls
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