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 Wreck on The Highway

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Wreck on The Highway Empty
PostSubject: Wreck on The Highway   Wreck on The Highway Icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2012 11:06 am


100 miles on the highway, the kids in the back,
Light up ahead follow the track,
Not just one life driven too far,
What a finale ended in a car,

No sign of life, blood stains on the dirt,
No sign of life leaves room for the hurt,
Killed in the crash,
Three lives in a flash,

Awake to a ring, bearing the news,
So much is gone none left too lose,
Picture perfection, captures the past,
Saying goodbye never came so fast,

Three flower planted a tribute to lost,
Broken hearts bleed but what is the cost,
Sorrow inside black broken tears,
Filling the eyes of those faced fears,

A wreck on the highway can end it all,
A wreck on the highway can lead to a fall,
A trail of pain has never been lead,
Memoirs such painful impossible to shed,

An ending so great,
Tied by fate,
Four tombstones aside,
Four bodies inside,

A grief so profound too much to bear,
Such a passion inside too much to care,
A life so broken, shattered and tore,
Burning inside right down to the core,
Lost souls live on forever inside,
Lost souls live on, continue to hide
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Wreck on The Highway
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